Why Choose PureLockdown?

Keep Your Home Pest-Free All Year Round at a Discounted Rate With PureLockdown, and Get a FREE Yard Spray.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our PureLockdown starts with general pest control at the base, covering a wide range of pests including: American, Brown Banded, Oriental, and Smokey Brown Roaches, Field Crickets, Argentine and Odorous Ants, Silverfish, Millipedes, Sow/Pill Bugs, Outdoor Fleas, Ticks, Centipedes, and Wasps up to 25 feet high. PureLockdown also includes one (1) Lockdown service.

Lockdown Services: In addition to general pest control, choose one of our specialized services for targeted protection:


Snake Repellent Service

Our intense initial treatment deters snakes around your home, combining repellant application and snake removal within 24 to 48 hours.

  • 3′ perimeter spray of snake repellent around property lines
  • Conducive conditions inspection
  • Protection against venomous & non-venomous snakes
  • Entry point identification to prevent home access

*FREE Snake removals included!

mosquito Protection Service

Reduce mosquito populations by targeting resting and breeding sites around your property. While no service can guarantee a mosquito-free environment, we strive to significantly reduce their presence.

  • Foliage Spray to defend the property line and areas close to the home
  • Granular spread in problem areas such as still water pools
  • Identify and reduce conducive condition areas
  • Break mosquito lifecycle to slow population growth
  • 5 step treatment process

Adding cutting Edge Technology to Our 2024 Lockdown Service!

rodent bait box

Rodent Defense Service

Focuses on control and prevention, ensuring your home remains rodent-free. (Note: Does not include removal of rodent waste or contaminated material.)

  • Rodent bait box placement around home
  • Bait box monitoring to remove rodents or record rodent activity
  • Identify problem areas and entry points around the home to prevent access
  • Free inspection to locate rodent activity

FREE Entry Point Inspection!

+ FREE Yard Sprays

  • Added protection from pests with a full yard spray, extending the pest solution boundary
  • Elimination aphids & slugs
  • Elimination of ant mounds
  • Pet friendly solution

How It Works

  1. Initial Treatment: A comprehensive interior and exterior treatment designed to reduce unwanted pest populations to a reasonable and acceptable level.
  2. Follow-Up Treatments: For new customers, the first regular treatment occurs 20 to 40 days after the initial service to target persistent pests and establish a protective barrier. Existing customers upgrading their service will follow the frequency plan of their chosen upgrade option.
  3. Regular Treatments: Performed on the exterior with interior treatments available upon request at no extra charge, recommended once per year.

Easy Scheduling & Notifications:

Receive call, email, or text notifications before each treatment. With our flexible scheduling, you don't need to be home for exterior treatments. Simply ensure access to all treatment areas, and our technicians will handle the rest.

100% Money-Back Guarantee:

If we can't control the same pest problem inside your home after two free call-back services following your last regular paid service, we’ll refund 100% of your last payment! Your satisfaction is our priority.

Affordable & Convenient Payment Options:

Enjoy easy and hassle-free payment methods with our Easy Pay system. Authorize electronic payments, and never worry about missing a service date or payment deadline.

How it Works

Our Simple 3 Step Process

1) Identify

Our Pest Technicians Will

2) Flush Out

The Real Work Begins With

3) Protect

Maintain And Follow Up

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